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     Drawing on 30 years of senior executive strategic, policy, management and performance experience with Federal Executive and Legislative branches, local government, and private sector organizations, viaFuture can help policy makers and mission-driven organizations as a partner and/or advocate to:

  • create and sustain large, positive and timely change,

  • achieve reduced vulnerability, healthy people and communities, and

  • build a healthy, thriving America.  

     A partner to achieve: a visionary, living and executable strategy, highly effective strategic and operational management, high performance information systems, high performance organizations, systems, and/or outcomes supporting mission, and vision and strategy.   
     A national level speaker to bring a thought-provoking, national perspective tailored to your audience


     To discuss potential collaboratons, please contact Gary Christopherson via email - - or phone - 301 318 3760.


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    Experience and expertise is available in each of the following areas:

  • Building a better and preferably thriving future

  • Creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change

  • Strategic/Operational Planning & Management Systems

  • Complex Human Systems

  • Building “Ideal” Systems

  • Performance and Quality Improvement

  • Reducing Vulnerability for Vulnerable or At-Risk Populations

  • Health/Human Systems Design,

  • Management & Performance

  • Person-centered Policies and Programs

  • High Performance Health Systems”

  • High Performance Info Systems (e)

  • The Un- & Underinsured   

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